Mary arrived early at the tomb to clean up the broken body;

wrap it with soft cloth and spice.

Jesus forbad it.

       Hands off.        Don’t touch.

Broken punctured twisted bloodied naked shredded skin

A glorified body

presented to God in all its brokenness

visible to friends: see my hands, my feet, my side

Don’t hold on to me, Mary.

The world must see me just like this.

You cannot clean him up, Mary.

Let’s all stop trying to wash away the blood

and spice up the body broken.

Lest we all start believing the lie that people are basically good…

That the arc of human nature bends toward justice…

It is the disfigured figure of innocence savagedly razed to life

that testifies against the human race: a depraved race.

Holy Love embodied walks on calloused heels searching out the concentration camps of the soul:

unblinded eyes see the self-haters forgiven who embrace the leprosy-free as they dance with the lame-no-more.

Only one punishment to fit this crime against humanity:

Crucify Him.

No, Mary, you cannot clean him up.

      We must see Him as he is

as we made him

         or we will never believe it is true –

                        in denial

that we are the darkness we fear

               disguised as angels of light.


Creator of the universe,
you made the world in beauty,
and restore all things in glory
through the victory of Jesus Christ.
We pray that, wherever your image is still disfigured
by poverty, sickness, selfishness, war and greed,
the new creation in Jesus Christ may appear in justice, love, and peace,
to the glory of your name. Amen.*

*Revised Common Lectionary, Vanderbilt Divinity Library (online)


The Dare

It is the brave hearts and bold minds who test God with a dare.

If you are real, come to my life in a real way.

So we pray with boldness that the healing presence would be revealed.

We accept that life is a gift; that health is a blessing;

that this new day is filled with awesome potential;

that we all have the capacity to bring something new and unique and good into the world we share.

lifting fog

Let the realness remind me to be kind and to be patient with people: not just the ones who love me but those who work with me too.

Let the realness teach my eyes to see all the beauty I ignore in anger

and teach my ears to hear that silent longing of my own soul.

Let the realness reveal you, God. Let this be a good day.

Reveal your healing presence; reveal goodness; reveal love.

They have been hidden from my sight for too long.


Where God Lives



A Morning Prayer-


To the God worthy of our praise, we pray:


Some of us worship in cathedrals and chapels; some in stadiums and store fronts

so that the songs of the ages wrap around us; the prayers of the saints encourage.

Young man reading small Bible

There are those among us who worship alone.

A holy book lies open but is not being read.

It is reading us.  Page by page it is opening us.


Others worship under stars or skies of blue;

they find the God who gives life where creation thrives and sings and calls;

Where rivers run in a race with the wind; and the earth is full of chatter

like children laughing in a park.


We know You are with us. 



You are with us now.




Though we worship differently,

today we are in one place, a people who honor You in many ways,

You are the God who inhabits the praises of your people.

Every kind of praise.

As Jesus walked among us, seeing the crowds, his heart was ruptured by their need.

And so he made blind eyes see and ears to hear and legs to walk again.

And by this we learned that if God comes near, ever present, leaning in to hear the resounding praise,

then God sees us; sees the crowd.

And has compassion on us.


And maybe that is all that is needed:

To praise the God worthy of our praise.

To trust that when God comes near, Holy Love will flow

like a river running from the broken heart of the One who loves us best.

And we, too, will be made whole.

May it be so.